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of the Maquai-Indians, & was afterwards em-
ployed on divers Maner ogrious Ways amongst white Peo-
ple & Indians, & served at last by an at the Boys Oeco-
Economy at Boys at Fredericktown. In the Year
1751 we were called back to Europe, from
which Time till 1769 I served in divers diverse
Congregations in England as Minister.
Then we were called to Gnadau, made a Visit
in April in Herrnhut, where we found an
Employment unexpected to us. The 8th of Oct. 
it pleased my dear Lord to place me in
the Widowers-State, whor eat about which he himself has
comforted me. Our Marriage has been blessed
in America with 3 Children & in England also
with 3 Children. My happy Wife has had
the Pleasure shortly before her Departure to
see her 3 Children from England She is now
in Peace; but i am yet in the Valley of
Tears & feel, how the mortal Body pressath
me. But my Spirit & Soul are longing for
the Appearance of my Saviour, when he also

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will call me in to the eternal Rest into his
Arm & Bosom. O who shall know what is
happening when he sees Face to Face the
Man of Sorrows! Written in May 1782
    So far his own Account.
His Choir is yet adding: We can give the
Testimony to our late Brother, that he has gone on
carried in our Choir in an happy & editying
Walk Course. He thought mean of himself. His Heart
was so penetrated of the Love, Blood & Death
of Jesus, that by upon all Opportunity Occasions, as well both 
publickly publicly and in private Conversation his
Mouth was overflowinged of it. He loved
heartily, served his Brn & Srs where of was ever he could, 
possible to him, & was also universally be loved.
The first Years of his Widowers-State he
served as well in the Congregation as before,
and also in our Choir with Grace & Blessing.
But soon an old Hurt on his Head appeared broke out
anew, whereof the Consequence was, that