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he could not turn his Neck, whereto came a
Palsy on Hands & Feet. In this Situation,
when he must be nursed as a Child he was
given resigned as a Child in to the Will of our
Saviour, & expected, though with longing De-
sire, yet with Patience the Hour of his De-
parture. The 25th. of Apr. 1785 he celebrated
with some Brn his Birth Day very happy
& chearful cheerful, with by a Love-Feast & musical Song,
wherewith his Children rejoiced him unex-
pectedly. At the Conclusion he read the Hymn
which was sung to the present Brn with
an affected Heart saying: " This was to my Bu-
rial, my dear Saviour will now come soon. "
After that Time his Power Strength decreased
visibly, & the 28th of May appeared at last
the Hour of his Departure so long Time
wished for, when he happy & soft oxpired expired
in the 73rd Year of his Age.