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Occasion this Place was called Bethlehem.
The 22 of Febr. 1742 I was ordained at the
Synod at in Oley. On this solemn Day of Grace
& Blessing also the first 3 Indians were
also baptized. In July I was married with
Susana Bennezet from Philadelphia. I was
|Adjunctus| Assistant of the Ordinary in Philadelphia
|: he had as it is known rece accepted there 
the Office of a Lutheran Minister :| but I was
the 29 of July, from by an exasperated and drunk-
en Mob violently drawn from the Pulpit
whereupon in the Name of the Reformed
the Church was taken in Possession of. We went
with a Part of the Congregation to our
Lodging, where the divine Service was con-
tinued, & so we went on in this Manner, till
a new Church was built & dedicated the 23rd
of Nov.
After the Departure of the Ordinary
in Jan. 1743 I with my Wife moved to Conrad
, to learn from him the Language of
the Macquai Indians & to instruct his Chil-
dren. After 3 Months we moved to the Indians

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partly to profit & more in their Language, &
partly to see, if Mere something was to be done a-
mongst them for the Brethren our Savr. On a Visit
by the Indian Congregation in Shekomeko
& Pachgatgoch in June I was arrested with the Brethren
Martin Mack & Shaw
, & brought to New-Mill-
ford in Connecticut
. The Impeachment Accusation was
that we preached in strange Parishes |: The
whole Country is namely divided in Parishes,
& the Land of the Indians being contained
in it; it was impossible for the Brethren to
preach the Gospel to the Indians, without
to preach in on or other Parish :| By At the Trial
we had [?] Opportunity oftentimes, to testify of
our Ground of Salvation. After having been
dismissed, I continued with my Wife our Jour-
ney in the Land of the Macquai Indians, where
we lived, near an Indian town in great Po-
verty, Difficulty & Danger. In Sept. we return-
ed to Bethlehem In Febr. 1744 I began to
instruct some Brn. & Srs. in the Language