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with some Brn from Iena & Lipsick
I cannot express in Words, what Joy & Amaze-
ment I have felt in the Meetings in the
Hall, by the Visits in the Families & in the
Conferences with the Strangers. It was al-
ways in my Heart: Thou belongst to this Peo-
ple, thou must be and remain here, else thou
art in Danger of being lost. After having heard
returned to Lipsick, I received in Oct. from
Herrnhut a Call to be in Lauban Tutor of 
the Children of the awakened Citizens in Lauban those
I regarded this Call as a Beck of our 
Saviour & arrived the 26th of Nov. in Lauban 
Our Saviour owned my Service graciously as
well by
both at the Information of the Children, and by at
the Repetition of the Sermons every Sunday.
I had also an agreeable Conversation nexion nection with  
the single Brn there, & went with some of them on
the Congregation Days to Herrnhut. In May
we went together in the Church to the
Lords Supper. But soon afterwards a Per-
secution commenced, the Meetings were prohi-

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bited, & one we heard, that it was concerted with
some Officers, to press me amongst the Soldiers
I received was Advised to go away, which I did
the 30th of May, & afterwards I heard that
they had searched for me the same Night in my
Lodging. On this Manner I went to Herrn-
, to stay there. In June I was present,
when the Corner-Store to the first House
of the single Brn was laid, & it was to me a Pleasure to me
Joy to do in my Leisure Hours the Service Work of
a Journey Daylabouring Man. Here I was informed Chil-
dren, preached in Bertholdsdorf at that Time
no Minister being there, keeping kept Children-
Meetings &c. & all was Grace to me. I was
soon admitted to the H. Communion.
In July 1740 I was called to Marienborn. Here
I saw for the first Time with Amazement
& Love the late Ordinary, & soon received
from him a Call to go to Pensylvania to the Ser-
vice of the Indians. The 26 of Oct. I arrived
by with the Brn. & Srs. at that Place which was
afterwards called Bethlehem. The Ordinary
followed us with his Company, & kept the 24th of
. the Celebration of Christmas-Eve, by which