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& concluded with a Prayer. I had the first
melting Impression of the Passion of Jesus
at singing once these Words: O Lord let me find Grace
&c.   I must weep thereby, & my Mother perceiving
this, explained unto us the Matter of Jesus
Christ our Mediator, who took upon himself
all our Sins & Iniquities out of inexpressible
Love & has suffered therefore the bitter Death
on the Cross. From my 5th Year I was sent
in the to School In the Year 1726 I enjoyed
for the first time the Lords Supper, with
an holy & awful Trembling.
About this Time I experienced a particular Re-
servation of God. I was ringing the large Church-
Bell with another Boy, all at once the Rope fell
down upon my Bed Head, & cast me down through the
Hole two Stories upon the Stones so that I was brought
home as dead. But I recovered soon. The Hurt
which I suffered thereby was not of so long & pain-
ful Consequences as another, which I have expe-
rienced by the Seductions of another Boy.
Till now, I had been in a simple & childlike Con-
versation with our Savior; for when I had grieved 
him with Lightmindedness, Disobedience or such

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Things, I had no Rest, till I either alone or with 
my Sister fell down before our Saviour, prayed
for & felt his Pardon. The Poison of Sin had indeed
well been within me; but now I experienced the
Death Agony & Distress, which it causeth makes in the Heart. 
For through I resisted it with all my Power, yet
I must had to perceive from Time to Time its Dominion
& my Inability. Thereby I came thereby in an anxious 
Situation, but sometimes experienced Comforts
of our Savior, & received the Assurance, that
I should not be lost. In the Year 1728 I went
to Schlaiz on the to School, where I was 5 Years
& must had to get my Livelihood by teaching  instructing Children, in 
writing & Music. My outward Poverty with the Fear for of
Shame retained kept me from many Excesses. Other
Men thought that I was religious, & I must had to suffer many
Mockeries from my Fellow Disciples Scholars, who called
me a Pietist. In June 1733 I went with 22
Ryksdollars upon the University at Lepzick s
received a Pension of 30 Ryksdollars yearly,
& at the End of the Year free Boarding, for
which benefit I thanked God heartily.
In the Year 1735 in April, a Student sitting who sat next
me, dying suddenly was proved the Occasion, that 
I was stirred up anew in my Heart, considering