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Life  of Br John Christopher Pyrlaeus 
who went home in Herrnhut the 28th of
May 1785

He has left the following Account of himself:
I am was born at Pausa in Voetland the 25th
of Apr. 1713
& well 3 Months after the Death 
of my Father. He has been there Superinten-
dent as also his Father & Grand-Father
& died in his 33d Year. My Mother was
then 26 Years old, & had besides me yet
3 minor younger Children. She was very pious & reli-
gious, & put their her  Hope & Confidence on God,
she loved her Children very tenderly, & out
of Care for them she refused all Proposals of Marriages
offered to her, & remained a Widow, till she left 
this World in Confidence upon the Merits
of Jesus 1764 in the 78th Year of her Age.
She educated us with much Love & Care.
When we had grieved her with by Disobedience,
then she wept & this had chastised us. She kept
Every Morning & Evening she sang an Hymn,
read one or more Chapters out of the Bible