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departed May 12, 1754
Lewis William was born the 22 of febr. 1746: His Father
who is at present in Wales in the Service of our Savior, gave him
in the Childrens <unclear>Decon</unclear>then at Buttermare in the month of 
March 1749, from whence he came with the rest of the Children
to Yorkshire 5 years ago. Before his disorder, which began in the 
month of March 1751, he was a very lively and brisk child; had a 
tender Feeling of the wounded Person of our Savior, and also <hi rend="superscript">such a very
happy turn of mind, that his brethren give him the Testimony, 
that they were able by one Word spoken in Love to manage him ac-
cording to their whole wish. 2n march 1751 He got a swelling
in his back, which after a while proved to be the 2 great Hales,
that grew worse every day, notwithstanding all what Mr. Hurlork</hi>
<unclear>chi</unclear>with great Faithfulness to help the Case. The following sum-
mer his wounds began to smell so strong, that we were obliged to 
think of getting him separated from the other Children who were
greatly troubled with it;