1292090_Christer_AhlbergerChrister Ahlberger

Christer Ahlberger is Professor of History at the Department of Historical Studies, Gothenburg University.



Katherine FaullFaullKatie400 (1)

Katherine Faull is Professor of German Studies and Comparative Humanities at the Department of Foreign Languages Programs, Bucknell University.

Cecilia Lindhé1569872_bild---cecilia-lindh--

Cecilia Lindhé is director of the Centre for Digital Humanities, Gothenburg University.

Michael McGuire

Michael is a computer programmer for digital humanities at Bucknell University. He is also  creating a linguistic corpus of the Moravian memoirs as part of a PhD dissertation at Indiana University. The research project involves a computational socio-linguistics analysis of gender and dialect variation.

1569867_bild---trausti-dagssonTrausti Dagsson

Trausti Dagsson is programmer and designer at the Centre for Digital Humanities, Gothenburg University.

Per von WachenfeldtPervonWachenfeldtw (1)

Per von Wachenfeldt is researcher in History.